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Studio & Green room space

The once double car garage, converted into a photography studio, has beautiful vaulted ceilings, neutral grey cement flooring, natural light pouring from three sides, and a cute little single vanity iced with daylight bulbs, for touch-ups. The large front opening allows for endless depth. The studio is located on 1/2 acre gated property hidden back away from street traffic. It is a private property, with use of the outdoor surrounding area for shooting.

The Green Room is a private space for you & your entourage! Get ready in your own room with natural light, and your own oversized custom-built vanity. Makeup artists love the 5500 kelvin bulbs on the vanity, mimicking the exact daylight balance of the shoot. Here, you and your MUA have all the tools and space to look your best for the shoot, and your own private guest bathroom just down the hall.

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